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This app is soon to be released.

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Welcome to SwappIt

SwappIt is world’s first online trading App. You can now trade anything you have with the SwappIt mobile application. Sign in with Facebook and start swapping!


SwappIt overview

After logging in, start your swapping journey by selecting the right settings. This is the home menu. Easy to navigate through the whole swapping app. Please continue to set your settings. Click the Discovery Preferences to narrow your searches.


SwappIt Preferences

This is where you narrow your swaps. Select Location, distance, price range and categories. Now you will only see products matching your criteria.


Upload your product

Make pictures of the product you would like to swap. Don’t forget to give it a nice title and description. Be sure to set your price range correctly as well.


Time to swap!

See products near your matching your filters. If you don’t like what you see, you might want to edit your preferences again. Swap until you have a match! It will notify you when you do.


You have a Match!

You and the other end have a Match. Meaning you both like each others products. Time to discuss.


Make the deal

Talk with the person about the product. Request more pictures and chose a local pub to exchange the products. Swap It!


This app is soon to be released.

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