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App Development

People utilize a variety of apps every day. Mobile apps have become integral to our modern lifestyle, in part because apps make many life tasks more convenient, from shopping to making lists, researching school and work projects, and pushing our companies to a higher level of efficiency and relevance.

Raw ideas can lead to game-changing concepts and applications, and at Globe Net Wireless, we can help turn your dreams into a reality.

Interaction Design

Designing solutions rather than technology is the cornerstone of interaction design. Strategy specialists who understand the needs of the customer merge their knowledge with your innovative conceptualizations to create a mobile app that is both avant-garde and user-friendly.

Visual Design

A great concept is the spark that leads to technological innovation, but ideas are only the beginning. Coming up with a design that appeals to your customers as well as engages them is huge factor in a successful product. At Globe Net Wireless, our detail-oriented team understands the necessity of a pleasing visual design, one that the user looks forward to interacting with and that helps improve their lives.

A visually stunning design will ensure repeat usage from the user, lead to increased accolades for the product via word of mouth and social media channels, and strengthen brand recognition. If a user loves the design of one of your products, they will be more likely to trust your name and brand in the future.


We didn’t become an industry leader by utilizing outdated, tired methods. We take a multidisciplinary approach to everything we do, which allows us to improve our products and services in an efficient manner, as well as keep up with evolving technology. We call our method Agile, an apt moniker because everything from our ideas to our problem-solving skills are flexible rather than rigid.

By utilizing the revolutionary Agile approach with every deliverable we develop, our different departments work as one cohesive team with the same goal: To ensure short iterations and small, continuous deliveries. This means that, when you turn to us to make your concept a reality, you can rest assured that timely delivery and an exceptional product will be the end result.


Since we want your design to appeal to the widest variety of people possible, our team stays on top of technological advances across platforms. In order to implement your ideas into innovative products, our development team utilizes the latest server and mobile technology. Our use of an agile product development approach means that we stay flexible and teachable because we understand that development is chiefly about trial-and-error.

Accurately gauging User Experience is an essential part of the development stage as well. We listen diligently to tester feedback during development and the beta phase in order to fix any problems that may come up before the product rolls out.

The ways that our Globe Net Wireless teams work together to fix errors, with compassion, camaraderie and extensive knowledge of modern technology and trends, lead to the creating of exceptional products that can change the world. As we develop and perfect new products, we grow and learn alongside our customers and partners, allowing us to stand out as industry leaders.


Developing exceptional products is just a small part of what we do here at Globe Net Wireless. Our passionate, hard-working team handles every aspect of turning your product and brand into a household name. Talented software engineers, designers, testers and marketing experts work together to integrate your product into relevant retail infrastructures.

Working across all platforms, and with expert knowledge of Android, JavaScript, iOS and Node.js, we boast a proven track record of retail success stories. We create the best shopper experience by understanding user needs and trends, as well as with our knowledge on how mobile touch points are a key element to a positive shopping experience.

Real-World Retail Knowledge

Today’s shoppers don’t want to feel like a commodity, even when making purchases online, and retailers have become more flexible as a result. Modern technology has made it possible to personalize the shopping experience, and we recognize that this individualized experience is one of the most important legs of your product’s journey.

Even when you have a cutting-edge idea and partner with a design team that exceeds your expectations, your product still needs a final touch: Marketability, especially one that speaks to retailers. Many Globe Net Wireless engineers have a retail background, which often serves as the perfect solution tool for understanding your needs, as well as the needs of retailers and consumers.

The Cloud

An excellent omi-channel experience is guaranteed with the use of Cloud-based technology,and you can rest assured that our products and services are completely Cloud-based. This means that flexibility is built in, no matter the product’s ultimate purpose or platform.

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A selection of your APPs

World-class mobile applications 2016


Here at GlobenetWireless, we’re always on the lookout for creative and useful mobile application projects to invest in. Whether you’re an individual or startup company, we’d love to see your work. We give preference to apps with reasonably steady downloads and those that have been on the market for at least six months. This time-frame allows bugs to be worked out and can help gauge user interest in the app. The greater the public appeal, the better chances your mobile apps will stay relevant and stand the test of time.

Is your app revolutionary? Are you ready to take it to the next level? In addition to download stability and time in the store, we’re also looking to invest in apps that:

• Have at least 5000 downloads per month
• Are fun and unique
• Span multiple platforms
• Have a rating of at least 3.5 stars
• Address current and future trends of the market

Mobile application design and development is an exciting industry with infinite potential, and at Globenetwireless, we want to help your business or entrepreneurship reach its full potential. We excel over the competition because when we invest in you, we give more than just capital. Globenetwireless also provides thorough, extensive support through every stage of the design process. Our ultimate goal is to help every entrepreneur’s business grow and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

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