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What is Globe Net Wireless?

A Dream to Inspire Innovation

Globe Net Wireless is much more than a company; we’re an innovative marketing tool. Our talented, creative team performs as a single, multidisciplinary unit in order to help promote the growth of your company and services and strengthen brand recognition.

Globe Net Wireless is a groundbreaking app development platform where innovators can collaborate to share ideas that matter. We bring together entrepreneurs and investors who can join forces to help advance technology and create a knowledge-sharing culture.

At Globe Net Wireless, we’ll help your dream come alive! Get in touch with us today and connect with a dynamic team that can develop your ideas and concepts into a tangible product.


App Development

People utilize a variety of apps every day. Mobile apps have become integral to our modern lifestyle, in part because apps make many life tasks more convenient, from shopping to making lists, researching school and work projects, and pushing our companies to a higher level of efficiency and relevance.

Raw ideas can lead to game-changing concepts and applications, and at GlobenetWireless, we can help turn your dreams into a reality.


Is your app revolutionary?

Here at Globe Net Wireless, we’re always on the lookout for creative and useful mobile application projects to invest in. Whether you’re an individual or startup company, we’d love to see your work. We give preference to apps with reasonably steady downloads and those that have been on the market for at least six months. This time-frame allows bugs to be worked out and can help gauge user interest in the app. The greater the public appeal, the better chances your mobile apps will stay relevant and stand the test of time.





Is the future of mobile messaging . Turn your customers into your sales force with TEXTPRO ConnectIQ®


is a multi-channel one-of-a-kind broadcast suite. Let us manage your offerings via mobile and social media.


Text-to-Join, Keyword Data Capture, Online Sign-up Page, Mobile MMS and Social Media integration.


2-Way Text Messaging, Appointment Reminders, MMS, Mobile Push Technology, Facebook & Tweets.


Mobile Voting, Short Codes, Contests,Appointment Reminders, Coupons and Video.


Loyalty Program, Mobile and Facebook Coupons, Facebook Like-gating, QR Codes, Mobile Keywords, & more.

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